Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Situated along Gulu road in Nakasongola district, Ziwa rhino sanctuary was set as the breeding place of black and white rhinos for phase two and letter introduce them in their nature habitant through out the country. Uganda’s Rhinos become extinct in 1982 they were present in the North and Northwest of the country and all of them were poached during the years of civil unrest.

In 1997, Rhino Fund Uganda was established, with its single goal to reintroduce the Rhinos into Uganda.

In 2001, two Rhinos were brought from Kenya to the Uganda Wild Life Education Centre. In Entebbe as phase one of the reintroduction program, education and awareness raising.

With the help of many donors, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was set up for the breeding of white and black Rhinoceros in phase two of the program. In July 2005 the first Rhinos were brought in Uganda and the sanctuary opened its doors for visitors to see the Rhinos and to enjoy the peace and tranquility on the sanctuary.

The long range goal phase three is to reintroduce Rhinos to their original habitat in Uganda’s protected areas.